Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

April 10th, 2012. Written by

Many women don’t realize they can safely workout during Pregnancy.  What’s more, they don’t realize that it has less to do with staying slim and more to do with enhancing your well-being and being in Shape for Labor. In fact, “Some of the benefits of exercise for pre/post natal clients are:   more energy during […]

What’s the One area that almost everyone want to improve on?  Yep you guessed it, The CORE. Most people spend so much time on sit ups and crunches and twists and medicine balls that they completely neglect the other HALF of the Core ~ the Back. The back muscles (specifically the latissimus dorsi aka “the […]

The Turkish: A Great Place to Start

March 2nd, 2012. Written by

You’ve been reading my words condoning Kettlebells lately, and of course you know about and our amazing At-Home Ready-to-Download Workout Videos…but if you’re wanting to jumpstart your fitness you still might not know where to start. The Turkish is a time-tested and very unique kettlebell exercise.  The idea is to start laying down completely […]

Why are Kettlebells Better?

February 22nd, 2012. Written by

There are so many reasons why exercise enthusiasts everywhere Love kettlebells.  If you’re not familiar with these weights, you might be wondering “what’s the big deal”. For starters, the weight has a unique Geometry that allows for deeper, quicker change in your body’s integrity.  This, plus the equally unique Movement Patterns used with kettlebells, creates […] is Here!

February 10th, 2012. Written by

STAR TUNE:  An At~Home Workout Series By Laura Lynn Try our fresh, new, and convenient Workout Videos! *Tune-Up your Body in your own Home* All you need is to commit yourself to 10 minutes a day and you will Make your Body SOUND!

Hey Laaay-Deees!  This One’s For YOU Why You Should Lift Heavy Weights for Very Few Repetitions I work with a lot of ladies and they always want to “tone-up, but without adding bulk”.  Many have tried the obvious method of doing this — small little hand weights lifted for 15-30 repetitions.  They lift and lift […]

My Net Diary

December 27th, 2011. Written by

For those of you in need of a little help in the FOOD Department, check out My Net Diary This application (iPad, iPhone, Blackberry) helps you understand the MATH of Food, i.e. how calories add up fast and where they come from.   Most people do not understand this very important part of fitness! […]

Allure Magazine Celebrity Trainer Tips

December 13th, 2011. Written by

I recently read the November 2011 Issue of Allure Magazine, and was delighted by the article full of exercise tips from Celeb Trainers.  There is so much great material in these few pages – you can feel the punch leaping off the page and smacking you in the face!  I highly recommend! Although it’s not […]

Have you ever been listening to the radio (…”la la la”….) and then suddenly started to feel Aggravated?  Agitated?  Alarmed?  Angry?  Annoyed?  Ughh….and it doesnt’ stop there.  There is the feeling that the sounds cackling from the stereo speakers are etching themselves into your brain.  There is the feeling that those vicious, venomous sounds are […]

Fitness Tip #7

November 4th, 2011. Written by

Fitness Tip #7 To Rest, Jog Lightly If you’re working out and you find yourself getting winded, start to jog lightly in place, with your muscles relaxed.  Arms dangling and flopping at your sides, feet kicking the air lightly.  Let your body go limp, almost relaxed.  This will help you get your breath back, but […]

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