How to Use Skype

May 13th, 2011. Written by

Using Skype

It seems many people are unsure of how to use Skype.  Mostly because those people simply don’t know how easy it is.  I assure you:  it’s simple, easy, and FREE.  Follow the easy steps outlined below.

1.  You’ll need a camera on your laptop or monitor.  If you don’t have one built in (most new ones do), you can buy one at Best Buy that clips to/sits on the top of your screen for $20.

2.  Google “Skype”.  Download Skype for Windows or Mac

3.  Follow easy Set-up instructions

4.  Choose a User Name, and enter in whatever info you care to share (minimal info needed to set up an account).

5.  If necessary, click on the Skype icon on your Desktop.  Once it pops up, you can start adding your contacts.  Much like you would add phone numbers to your cell phone, start entering in your friends/colleagues Skype user names.  If you hover over ANY of the buttons on the Skype software, their function will show up within seconds.  You can find the button for “Send a Message” and send me a message if you’d like.  Just type in or search for my User Name:  bylauralynn.  You can add me as a contact or write me a note.

6.  Set up a Skype session with Body Tune by emailing:  We will most likely have a phone chat first so I can learn about your goals/body/etc.  Then when the time comes, simply log on to Skype (clicking on the icon) and I will call you!  We can see each other and I can demo movements, check your form, and we can easily communicate~right from the comfort of your home office or living room.  It’s really just that simple.

Skype sessions last 30min or 1 hour.  It’s really a cool way to learn about your body and get in shape.  See you on Skype!


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