Personal training with Laura was the best money I ever spent on Myself!! In just a
matter of weeks, I have lost Inches from my body and have way more energy,
not to mention the fact that everyone is asking me what my 'secret' is!

At 6 weeks post-partum, I still looked 'pregnant' thanks to diastasis recti
(ab separation) from pregnancy weight gain. I was feeling pretty disheartened and
didn't know where to begin to start exercising. A friend recommended Laura and
now the results speak for themselves. She tailored my work-out to help
completely close the (ab) separation and wake-up the muscles
that hadn't been used in months (or dare I say, years). Work-outs were
geared specifically for my body, targeting the problem areas. I especially
liked the kettlebell training, as she was able to ensure my form was
perfect, producing great results in a very short time. Quality not quantity
was key! If you want results and to look and feel your best, I'd highly recommend

Anita, age 38

Goal: Tune-Up After Pregnancy

"I have seen dramatic changes in my body since I started working with Laura. I lost weight, got leaner and a lot stronger. I find that I am more relaxed, have more energy throughout the day and sleep better than I have in years. I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Laura is one the most knowledgeable trainers with whom I’ve ever worked. She really understands the body and what it can do, and is able to keep you focused and talk you through the workout giving you a more efficient work out. Her workouts are never boring. She always changes it up and introduces new exercises to keep it interesting. Not to mention she has a great energy and stays in tune with what your body needs and can do on any given day."

Madison, age 34

Goal: Tune Up

"I just started a few weeks ago with Laura and her boot–camp/kettle bell workout— and I love it. I can feel and see a difference in my body, my butt is getting tighter, my abs stronger and my arms are getting back the definition I thought I would never see again! It is a great balanced workout that I look forward to every week!"

Lauren, age 25

Goal: Strength & Flexabilty group training

"In just six months Laura helped me to reprogram the way i think and feel (not to mention how i look). I’ve always worked out, but never with the intensity and focus that Laura brings to her training. Not only is she meticulously organized and driven, her humor, low key attitude and excitement offset the fact that she is a hardcore taskmaster. She explains the logic behind the movement and helps you to understand your body and brain to expect more from them. The old school kettlebell method increases core strength incorporating the entire body rather than isolating muscles. This inclusive workout has given me a more fully realized functional strength as opposed to the exaggerated 'gym' body where muscle size seems the goal. Most important are the energy and inner balance i feel as a direct result of my efforts. I’m truly thankful to Laura: her dedication and inspiration are contagious."

C.E.R, age 33

Goal: Strength

"…I used to have all this cellulite on my legs, even before I had kids, and now it’s gone."

Karen, age 35

Goal: Trim & Tone

"Training with LauraLynn and learning kettlebells has been unlike any other workout I’ve experienced. Previously, the only long–term exercise I’ve found rewarding has been yoga. And for anyone who has a yoga or Pilates background, you will find kettlebells a much more natural weight training experience. It incorporates so many of the same principles: creating a strong core, increasing strength and flexibility, and staying in the moment; All while balancing a kettlebell weight and keeping your movements fluid. It is soooo challenging, but also much more engaging and rewarding than mindless gym training."

Suzanne, age 36

Goal: Tone Up

"The Russian Kettlebells give you an increadible full-body workout. You will be exhausted at the end of the workout, but you will have more energy the following day."

JC, age 45

Goal: Strength

"I’m a 35 year old woman and never thought that I could start to feel and look my best at this age…[I’ve been] working with Laura for the past six months. She is a phenomenal trainer for many reasons: every work out is different so I never know what is coming, I never worry about injuries because she tailors exercises depending on any…sensitivities, she has…been a support in the food area, reviewing food journals and discussing “choice pitfalls” [and] emotional food triggers, and she has this amazing ability of being tough yet supportive at the same time…pushing you farther than you think you can go yet being proud of what you have already accomplished. [Furthermore], and this should not deter any prospective male clients—I have seen her work out my fiancée…something fierce—but sometimes being a woman is hard…because we have all these emotions…[that] manifest in our bodies, and she gets that! I’m not saying she goes easy if you’re having a bad day, but she understands. I also like the fact that she can identify with what a menstrual cycle is like. On an additional final note, I…want to say that no one can change their body unless they really want to—a trainer can’t do it for them. I have really wanted to change my body over this time period, but I could not have done what I’ve done so far without Laura’s expertise and support. If you are looking to get healthier, stronger and leaner, Laura is your woman." 

Shawn, age 34

Goal: Trim & Tone

"Laura is amazing. She’s not just a trainer– she studies and takes note of my every move, my posture, my strengths, and my weaknesses in order to help me work on my body inside and out. She helps balance me out not only physically but mentally. I love her workouts because while it is very intense and challenging, she mixes in a lot of relaxation exercises that help keep me level through out the day."

Nadine, age 30

Goal: Tone Up in a Group

"With my first pregnancy there was plenty of the usual pregnant lady moaning over lower back pain. By my 8th month i could barely sit threw a movie. This time I’ve been working out with Laura twice a week [and] my body is sleeker, less bloated, and strong. I have NO back pain! I feel strong and ready to push out a ten pounder…"

Elizabeth, age 34

Goal: Fit for Pregnancy

"I had the pleasure of working as an assistant with Laura Lynn at the RKC certification this past August at UCLA. We were assistants to Team Leader Franz Snideman. I am not sure who learned more from Laura Lynn…Franz, myself, or the students! Laura Lynn has the talent to precisely dissect errors in technique, and reads people so well that she can resolve the problem with her first correction. Her ability to teach kettlebells is phenomenal, and I [feel fairly] qualified to make that statement as I have a PhD in Special Education and Rehabilitation. Her teaching is precise to each individual, and she has the ability to adapt her teaching to match each trainee and immediately establish a relationship of respect, confidence, and competence. I have been an RKC for a while and I can say that she is one of the finest I have ever had the pleasure to work with. If I knew of anyone in LA who was looking for a personal trainer, especially kettlebells, Laura Lynn would be my first recommendation."

David Cohen, PhD


"I had known Laura for over a year outside of the exercise world when I reached a point in my life where I needed professional guidance on overall body conditioning. I wanted someone that I could trust and who was dedicated to getting results; Laura was a natural fit and she exceeded all of my expectations. Laura combines her kettle bell training with various other training techniques. She is well versed in nutrition and caters the workouts to whatever resources are available. We usually trained outside and she has an arsenal of non–gym exercises that rival the strength training one would normally do in a gym. Laura is a consummate professional, excellent communicator, and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who is looking to make a significant improvement to both their physique and overall health."

Stephen, age 32

Goal: Lose Weight, Gain Strength