The Lats: The Silent Partner to the Core

March 23rd, 2012. Written by

What’s the One area that almost everyone want to improve on?  Yep you guessed it, The CORE. Most people spend so much time on sit ups and crunches and twists and medicine balls that they completely neglect the other HALF of the Core ~ the Back.

The back muscles (specifically the latissimus dorsi aka “the lats”) are the Silent Partner to your core.  You can’t have a serious midsection without a good back to hold it up and IN.  The Lats are shaped like two huge Wings that sit over our bodies on either side of the spinal cord.  They are beautiful and they are so STRONG ~ that is, IF you can find them, use them and train them right.

Everything we carry, everything we hold….is supported by the lats.  This is how the human body is designed.  The lats are how the body sits upright for hours at a time and holds a strong posture.  The lats are what we use to live comfortably in this world!  The Lats are Everything!

Want to work on one of the most important exercises for toning the Lats?  The ROW is what you’re looking for.  Trouble is, most people’s lats are so underdeveloped, it sometimes takes a whole month of rowing before they can find them correctly.

Use this Video: for learning the Row at Home and also Troubleshooting some of the common mistakes in trying to do it.  The movement is quite literally Shaving off the excess weight and fat OFF of your sides and carving out a smooth, sleek, beautiful Waist.  You’re gonna love it!

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